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17 characteristics of male Taurus.

Who can have a solid and steady as the strait of Gibraltar; Nothing could spoil his quiet personality. You can even stick a fruit knife in his body or set fire to his feet. You can punch him in the chest or yell hysterically while he doesn’t budge.

Who, like Taurus, can give a person a sense of security. They can enjoy the happiness of their families and the stability of the world.

1.Practical life

Whether it’s money or life, they’re taking pragmatic steps. They don’t say I love you easily, don’t give flowers casually, even don’t remember your birthday, not to mention valentine’s day and other anniversaries, which makes people angry. Because without the form of love, how can we prove love?

2. A wise man who can live easily

Taurus men don’t do very well on the sign intelligence scale, but they’re actually pretty good. Taurus children are often class cadres, and Taurus’ parents are model parents. They are responsible and responsible in life. Although sometimes a little old-fashioned, but they hold up the so-called framework of rules.

3. Down to earth love

He usually has everything he needs before you get engaged. When this Taurus marries you, you may not feel like you’re in wonderland, but at least you’ll know you won’t be cold and hungry again.

4. Pay attention to public behavior

No Taurus man can stand to be around a girl with a thick throat, loud voice, and masculine characteristics. If you have some persuasive ideas, don’t force them on him in public or show off your superior intelligence at once.

5. Patience has its limits

The Taurus man is extremely patient but does not like too much discipline. He liked freedom, and he didn’t like the rubberized woman or the woman who would cry if she dropped her handkerchief.

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