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A Capricornus and A Scorpio in love.

Capricornus man is the kind of so-called good man. Even they are very considerable, they are also known as carelessness. Today, we will have an analysis of the love between Capricornus man and Scorprio woman.

Capricornus are active
   The Capricornus think a man should be generous, this is why they are active. To avoid let girls into embarrassed, as a man, the Capricornus will take some actions firstly, which causes Capricornus man asks their partner how they feel constantly. And Capricornus will try many postures to satisfy his partner.

Rough technique
Capricornus plans everything well, but because his skills are too rough, so when he put them into practice, he will find it has a large gap between the outcome and his thought. For example, the Capricornus plans to give his partner a pleasant love experience, but the girls can’t feel pleasure at all. Instead the girl will regard the love as a pain.

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