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Are you happy? Let’s have a test.

What is happiness? Everyone has a different definition. Once saw a net of, happiness is a cat eat fish, dog eat meat, and Ultraman hit a small monster; once a university roommate said, happiness is to sleep in the winter to naturally wake up, hide in bed to read novels and eat bread. 

What do you think happiness is? Are you happy as you are now? Let’s do a quiz question!

If you break into a black shop by mistake, the owner brings out five drinks and tells you that only one is not poisoned and the remaining four are poisonous. Which glass of water do you think is not poisonous?

 Happiness index 1. The fresh milk

Happiness index 2. The fresh oolong tea

Happiness index 3. The American hot coffee

Happiness index 4. The hot milk tea

Happiness index 5. The boiled-water

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