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Are you happy? Let’s have a test.


1. The current happiness index is 55: This type of person is very simple, just like a cup of pure milk. The pure color and lightly sweet taste look very comfortable and make people unconsciously like it. When he likes someone, he feels super happy. Whether it is to be each other as nutrition drink, or for each other into a pool of dirty liquid, all no regrets. While it’s just wishful thinking.

2. The current happiness index is 80: For them, the definition of happiness is with the children together. And this feeling just like a cup of fragrant oolong tea with a light fragrance, which lets a person feel comfortable. His current state of mind is very mature. Whether it is work or daily life, he can enjoy very calm, which is the so-called happiness such as “Only the wearer knows where the shoe pain.”

3. The current happiness index is 40: this type of person is very self-centered. Although these people love each other very much, they often quarrel with each other because of their personality. However, it makes their lives wonderful.

4. The current happiness index is 99: This type of person and the other half together have no need to use words to communicate, the tacit understanding of two people is not an outsider can understand, often as long as the other side’s eyes can understand. This is the kind of person who handles relationships in a mellow way and nice to be with a partner.

5. The current happiness index is 20: This type of person is very independent and smart. He knows what he wants. Their present situation is a glass of water. With a little confused about the future, they don’t know what they want. To add sugar, it will be very sweet; to add salt, it will be salty. It’s only 20 percent, but it will get better.

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