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Choose a color to know whether your exes miss you.


The person who chose A, your ex is obsessed with you. You are a charming person, and your ex was attracted by your temperament and pursued you fiercely. Later, you were moved by his sincerity, and the two of them had a hot period of love. Later, the two broke up for other reasons, but the point you attracted him still did not change. After a period of separation, he missed your beautiful past more and more, and really wanted to retrieve this relationship.

You will never be short of suitors if you choose B. No matter looks or body you are the envy of others, you do not pay special attention to the appearance of the object, while two people get along with the feeling that you are more important. You will choose someone who gets along well with you and can understand your mind without saying anything, so you and your ex will break up peacefully. They can get together and part so that they don’t get involved and part with each other gracefully, leaving each other with good memories.

The person of choice C, although you are no longer in contact with the previous one, you still have each other in mind. Your breakup was a test of whether or not you still had feelings for each other, and it ended up hurting each other. Good relationships give each other more tolerance and understanding. Recalling the original break up, there will be regret. Obviously, you are still in love but have no identity of love. Words are the last thing a man can take back, and silence is a sword in trust. If you think there are a lot of happy memories between you and don’t want to miss it, then go to retrieve it, maybe when you take a step forward, he will run in front of you.

The person who chooses D, whether he thinks or not has nothing to do with you. You are not thinking clearly together. You think everyone who around you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, and you do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend so it looks something different. With such a state of mind to accept a relationship, it is to their own irresponsible. You are more suitable to be friends than couples. True love is waiting for you in the future.

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