First Horoscope: Libra’ fortune in 2019 - HAPPY QUOTES

First Horoscope: Libra’ fortune in 2019

The overall fortune in 2019: Know yourself, benefit the soul

 Libra, this year is full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows. The key point is to learn how to adapt to the situation and learn to catch the things you need and the opportunity. This year, you will feel more pressure. You have to make many decisions and choices. When you meet problems, you will become anxious, sensitive, and even lose confidence. But at the same time, you also have an opportunity to re-recognize yourself and learn to understand your thoughts and needs, instead of living in the eyes of others. You may not get much materially, but you will be mature a lot in the mind. Stress sometimes can bring power and inspire people.

Libra’s career fortune in 2019: Be eager for breakthroughs, manage contacts

In 2019, your career goes well. As long as you are willing to be persistent and make efforts, you will gain the results. From January to April, the ruler Venus will bring you more career support. At this time, you will have more ideas and skills, and you will make breakthroughs in your work. Libra who wants to have a job or wants to change jobs will get a better chance to get your favorite position. From July, the good fortune in your career will decline, especially the relationship in the workplace. You have to spend more time on contacts and conversations, and there may be many changes in cooperation. You need to be cautious.

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