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Happy Quiz: Are You A Smart guy?

There are some people in life are available for everything, no matter how difficult things are, for them, it just like a piece of cake. However, there is still some people who can’t solve emergencies successfully because of their conservative. So do you wanna know you are a flexible boy? Now, here is a quiz for you!

1.Do you usually spend much time on reading?

A lot of  →2

Don’t even →4

Occasionally →3

2.Do you think you are a net-aholic?

Absolutely →4

Definitely not →3

Just so-so →6

3. Do you know the hot cyberword very well?

Yes →4

No →7

Just a little →5

4. Will you express your mood in your word?

A little →6

No →7

It all depends on that situation.→8

5. Will you give your hand when people are in danger?

Yes →7

No →8

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