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How to keep the inner peace?

One of the principles of Hawaiian philosophy, Ho’oponopono, says, “Take care of both the outer and the inner, because everything is one.” This idea of ​​unity is fundamental to understanding how dissociative disorders work and to nourish our inner peace.

One of the pioneers of integrative medicine is Dr. Deepak Chopra. This internist and endocrinologist, specialized in metabolism, came up with various controversial theories. Yet the truth is that his ideas are an interesting starting point when it comes to inner peace.

Ideas for maintaining inner peace

Keeping inner peace is a shared goal. To achieve this, many seek inspiration in Eastern philosophy. Some seek professional help, while the more traditional value system of our society seems to require a revolution or at least a different path than that which relational and technological dynamics seem to bring.

When we talk about the old value system, we talk about the system that focuses on extreme competition, excessive consumerism and professional success at all costs. It is still dominant, but according to Chopra, more people are looking for a different way to find peace.

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