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What angel represented by the your constellations?

Everyone has a dream of becoming an angel because, in most people’s hearts, angels are the representatives of kindness and beauty. While there are fallen angels, they are only a few of the darker aspects. In fact, every one according to their own personality will have their own representative angel, so, the twelve signs of the angels are what?

Aries: Michael

Michael is the king of jihad among many angels. He is undoubtedly the most combative of all angels, and he has a very competitive personality, which fits well with Aries who is very aggressive and has outstanding working ability among many signs.

Taurus: Gabell

Gabell is the sheriff of the gods. Maintaining the order of purity, peace, and harmony, Taurus is a person with a sense of justice, and worship the work of the police since childhood, hoping to maintain the peace and stability of society in the future, so their representative angel is Gabell.

Gemini: Raphael

Raphael holds the human soul, so it also has the soul side of the different human characters, which just fits the changeable nature of Gemini. Geminis also want to be in charge of everything, especially when it comes to clapping hands, just as Raphael is in charge of other people’s souls.

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