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What angel represented by the your constellations?

Cancer: Uriel

Uriel single-mindedly guards the movement of many celestial bodies, just as cancer guards everyone around him. Their duty is to guard, they are also very responsible and patient. So naturally, the angel of cancer is Uriel.

Leo: Eurasian

Eurasian is the representative of many angels and the power among them. They are naturally pretentious, just like Leo’s natural pride, and they are very confident in their abilities. But it’s true that they are good at socializing.

Virgo: Kidder

Kidder, the ruler of suffering. He looks at all the happiness and misery in the world, just like a Virgo does nothing. They take the suffering of others into their own hands and do nothing about it.

Libra: Kuhle

Kurer, who is in charge of time among angels. Libra has always been sad about the gradual loss of their youth. The mood, usually he has is not very high, just like Daiyu buried flowers, which reflects the world of all things full of pity, so he hopes that he can manage time.

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