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What angel represented by the your constellations?

Scorpio: Amla

Amla, the least powerful of all angels, was the ruler of wisdom. Scorpio people are generally very intelligent and good at saving time and money, so they are often valued. Like Amra, the ruler of wisdom, the gods were inseparable from him.

Sagittarius: Judah Sindo

Judas Sindo, not the Judas who betrayed Jesus, but another angel in charge of miracles. God gave him the right to bring miracles to mankind. Just like Sagittarius, they have an unthinking mind and an adventurous spirit, so Sagittarius usually finds mira

Capricornus: Remille

Remille is the name of the fallen angel. Although Remille can become an angel, his heart always has the spark of resistance and evil to others. This corresponds to the Capricorn although the ability is very strong, the mind is relatively small, so they need to overcome this shortcoming.

Aquarius: Oyer

He is weak among angels, but he is the kindest and most dreamy angel. He is in charge of the smile, the kind of spring to the human emotions, the elimination of all the world’s hatred. Aquarius also has a fairytale dream of world peace and happiness.

Pisces: Geer

Geer, in charge of dreams. Pisces is usually very lazy, not willing to rely on their own efforts to get a reward, and often sleeping in bed to imagine their own magic power. So they dream of being in control of their own and other people’s dreams, just like Geer.

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