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The Marriage trend for your constellation.

Many couples experience an emotional crisis in their marriages, especially the seven-year itch. Two people together for a long time will find each other very annoying. However, not every couple is like this. Today let us take a look at the constellations, whose marriage trend will be more loving and happy.

Gemini VS Capricorn: Love has become a kinship

Gemini and Capricorn have gone from a love affair to a family one. Two people do not have the kind of passion, but the kind of intimacy has been integrated into their lives. They will treat each other’s business as their own, so their relationship will become more and more loving, more and happier, and they can not be separated for a moment.

Leo VS Libra: It’s running well

Both Leo and Libra are personalities. At the very beginning, they did have a lot of friction and often let people think that they do not expect to go far. But surprisingly, the two people not only did not divorce, but the relationship is getting better and better because they are used to each other.

Cancer VS Scorpio: They share the same goals

The marriage between cancer and Scorpio will be more and happier because they have the same goal. Both of them want to spend time with their children, and they are willing to make any sacrifice for their children’s sake. Therefore, both Cancer and Scorpio try their best to take care of the atmosphere at home. They don’t quarrel with each other, and everyone in harmony with each other.

Virgo VS Pisces: Can’t leave each other

Virgo and Pisces can live well together because they are completely attached to each other. They rely on each other for everything they do, especially Pisces, who are lazy and don’t move at all, looking to Virgo for help. Virgo is also a poor self-care person in life, so they need the care of Pisces, and they need each other as well.

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