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The more money, the less inner peace.

Money is nice. It gives you comfort, prestige and peace. Or not?
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Where you used to be satisfied with a barrel of ten years old (“as long as it takes me from A to B”), you have slowly gotten used to something better. More convenience, more comfort, more buttons and more prestige.

Recently I came across a quote that made me think: “If you care about money you will never know peace.” I thought it was a striking thought.

Money and satisfaction are often difficult to reconcile. Not because you cannot simply be satisfied with the luxury that you have in your life. But because the brain that gives luxury is not satisfied.

You have to work hard for luxury.

If you love luxury, you will have to work hard. Now you have brought a luxury sofa to your home, but over the years the “luxury” has worn off a bit. And before you know it, you are already looking for a new couch.

And we all know how difficult it is to take a ‘step back’. Most people start living more and more expensive, not always cheaper. They choose an increasingly luxurious car, not always a step easier.

If you really care about luxury and have become accustomed to that luxury, you can’t just go back. Then you only want more luxury. And to pay for that you have to participate in the endless rat race. A race for more money to become happier. The result is a life with more luxury and less satisfaction.

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