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10 sneaky intimacy tricks.

  • Greet your partner in a way that creates a silent connection.

Pay attention to how you greet your partner. Is it with a list of chores? Or problems? Or just a sideways “Hello” without any eye contact.

What to do instead:

Stop what you are doing; your partner describes a minute of your undivided attention. Watch them, smile, hug them and hold them while hugging for at least 10 seconds (champions go for a whole minute!). This is better done in silence.

  • Add a 30-second kiss to your daily routine.

I think this is pretty clear. Do you remember how you loved kissing at the start of your relationship? It’s time to go back to that feeling! Kiss, be fully present and explore different ways of kissing.

  • Secretly a loving sexy note.

Write a note for your partner and put it in his pocket or be creative with your gifts.

How easy is this?

Place a photo of your note here! I would like to see your creativity.

  • Focus on loving thoughts.

Look at your partner and think loving thoughts, feel love in your heart and imagine that you send your loving energy directly into their hearts.

You don’t have to talk to your partner about it.

I had a fight with my partner yesterday. After that I only focused on loving thoughts and what I love about him. It’s amazing how much it has changed the energy between us, and somehow it became oh so cuddly and loving with me!

  • Note, pause, rate.

Goes like this:

You notice what your partner did for you today, the simplest, most common thing – pick up groceries, look at you with a smile, play with children, take off his socks, prepare a cooked dinner for you, said you look good today.

You pause and watch what your partner did for you.
You look at your partner and say: “Honey, I love it so much when you do that … It means to me that … I have a partner, you care about me, you consider my feelings, etc. I feel … loved, respected, appreciated, etc. It makes my life … easier, happier, more exciting, etc.
It is really amazing what this simple exercise of noticing, pausing and verbally appreciating your partner can mean for the amount of moments you share.
Don’t you think this is easy to implement. Let me know how you get it.

  • Use jet shine.

This trick comes from Dr. Helen Pooler.

In social situations when your partner is on the other side of the room, look at it and say with your eyes “I love you, you care, you are so special to me.” Send them a sparkle and notice how your partner reacts.

  • Go to bed together.

We are in a vulnerable state when we fall asleep. We are defenseless and innocent. So when you fall asleep with your partner, this creates more security in your relationship. Most of us must feel safe to feel love and to be loving.

Do you have a habit of going to bed at different times and maybe working and doing odd jobs? This habit may have been very harmful to your love. Make a commitment to go to bed at least twice a week.

  • Touch your partner in a loving way every day.

Touch! We all need it so badly! Babies’ brains do not grow fully if they do not get enough physical contact. They may even die due to lack of it.

Sometimes we can use sex to get the touch we need or to use sex as our safety blanket, to reaffirm that we are important to our partner. This is usually a switch-off for the other.

  • Suppose your partner loves you and cares for you.

Very often we jump to conclusions like “He doesn’t care enough”, “She doesn’t appreciate me”, “It will never work” or something like that. What is your usual conclusion?

When your partner confuses you, make it a habit to assume that your partner still cares and loves you. Notice how different you act when you accept the best. Share it here with us!

  • Break the routine.

Do something unexpected together! Challenge yourself, push your limits, play with a fantasy or do something that you have always wanted to do, but be scared. Maybe now is the time to experience it together?

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