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This is your horoscope for 2019.


You seem to be more open to change and friendship in 2019. Usually, girlfriends come in third place with you, after work and family. But in 2019 you will experience how valuable your girlfriends are, what they mean to you. Perhaps there is a situation where you desperately need them and where they show that they are always there for you. That makes you think about the meaning of friendship. What can you do to be a good friend yourself? Practical help, something that naturally works well for you? Or is there also an X factor, which is about the emotional quality of friendship? The latter is of course just as important and in 2019 you can allow that side more by sharing more with your friends. By listening to them and omitting well-intended advice.

You also get a unique opportunity to experience and understand the connection with your partner at a very deep level. Perhaps through a workshop or by making a journey together. It becomes completely clear to you why you are here and now, in this life, together. What you can learn from each other and how great the love is. Neptune in Pisces gives you deeper insight into love.

Without a partner you can also come to deep love insights. You realize why you are still alone. That that is much less a matter of “coincidence” than you think. At a deep level you may have made the decision that this period is for you. That it is good that you are alone now.

But if someone comes along who can tempt you to give up your voluntary recluse, don’t give up everything right away. Stay with yourself and take your time, because you have time.

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