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This is your horoscope for 2019.


The past years have been intense. They consisted of a succession of intense experiences, positive and negative. That was sometimes difficult, but you did feel that you were alive.

It will be a bit quieter in 2019, but not necessarily easier. Saturn interferes with you and it feels like it’s all about obligations and responsibilities. Gone is the romance and intense suffering. There are no longer deep valleys, but also no ecstatic heights. That can give an empty and boring feeling. Is this all there is? Have you weathered all those emotional storms before that? Realize that it is simply not possible to live at full power. You have fat and lean years, emotional and boring years. You need both sides. Try to experience the depth by looking at the special features of small, beautiful experiences. And remember: everything that “stands for” is not good for you, except “satisfied.”

Fortunately, love has new experiences in store for you. Chiron in the sign of Aries wants to tell you something. Maybe it’s time for a new relationship, maybe things happen that make you meet your current partner again. In a way that he or she is nothing like the person you were together with up to now. Mind you, this is a positive story, but maybe you first have to go through a number of issues together. The result is the most beautiful form of love, unconditional, in which you both dare to be yourself. In all openness and vulnerability. As if a dimension has been added that only you two have access to.

If you are single, then the time has come (between 2019 and 2027) in which you can meet the love of your life.

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