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This is your horoscope for 2020.


Everything came to you last year thanks to Jupiter, but in 2019 you have to fight a little harder to get everything done. Fortunately, you now have a reserve of power, which makes that fighting quite good, but it takes some getting used to, without the wind in your back.

Perhaps it is an idea to investigate whether it is possible to fight that. Whether you achieve just as much or more with love, tact and kindness as with pure fighting energy. Probably. Although in your eyes it is one of the great mysteries of life that others can achieve more with half a smile than you with a pair of boxing gloves.

Still, thanks to Chiron in Ram, you can make a big change. You will understand why you switch to combat mode so quickly. And you can also experience that this gentle approach yields much more. A more pleasant process towards a greater end result.

Love presents you with riddles. So many men or women seem to be up for grabs. Then why is it so hard to find that “one”? You can apply a math formula to your dating strategy, but the chance that you will find him or her is minimal. Realize that love is a miracle. All you have to do is write your love wish on a piece of paper and send it to heaven in an (imaginary) balloon. In other words: let go and trust that your future partner knows where to find you, even though he or she still lives on the other side of the world.

Also within your permanent relationship it is better not to sit on his or her skin too much. Your intuition is flawless if you believe that everything else plays a role. But give your partner time to find the right words, to choose the moment when he will talk. Then the kind of contact you really want is created.

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