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This is your horoscope for 2019.


With Jupiter, the patron saint of Sagittarius in his own zodiac sign, you will face a year out of thousands. Whatever you do, whatever you wish for, happiness is smiling.

You radiate with pleasure and therefore you attract more positive vibes. If you have an important story that you want to convey to the world, you will be helped in all kinds of ways, because you are the right person at the right time and place. And you in turn help maybe thousands of people with your message. Sometimes you forget to take good care of yourself and then an extra pound is added. But you can have it. You are ecstatic about life itself and therefore there is nothing that can break you.

Jupiter also ensures that love is surrounded with a golden halo. You dare to have full confidence again in a bright future together. So plans are being made in which you both can lose your egg. If there were still some clique relationships from previous years, then everything is now completely underground, with seven meters of earth over it. Resentment and revenge do not thrive in the cheerful sunlight that illuminates your heart.

If you still dream of love, it can appear any time. Jupiter is notorious for the fact that it does everything in plural, so it may be that more than one attractive prince comes your way. Then it becomes a whole puzzle to find out who you really want to go on with. Anyway: your wish comes true. If that wish happens to be “happy on your own”: then you will get what you want. There is nothing that can stop you on the road of happiness.

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