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This is your horoscope for 2019.


The year 2019 is all about love for you. That has to do with Chiron leaving the sign of Pisces from March to move to Aries. Chiron is the planet that is about the healing power of love. He touches on what is broken (and that can hurt for a moment) and then gives it a kiss or makes a healing connection. Usually this first means a phase in which you are made aware of old pain.

Chiron realizes that most people don’t feel like looking for the pain. That is why he first makes an offer that you really cannot refuse. Often – but not always – someone comes your way who seems to fit you so perfectly that you don’t hesitate for a second. You say “yes.” And then you begin your healing journey together.

There are moments of insight, deepening, processing and growth. There are also times when you show the pained child in yourself to the other person crying or stamping foot. Then to feel more compassion for that child and for your parents who hurt you out of ignorance and imperfection.

Perhaps the outcome is a life with a deep love for yourself and the other. A love that will prove indestructible. Maybe you will say goodbye to your soul mate and thank him or her for this educational life adventure that will both lead you wiser and wiser.

In addition to the healing of your heart and soul, Chiron can also mediate in the healing of a physical complaint that may have bothered you for years. Perhaps the doctor said that you should learn to live with it. But of course, it never got used to getting used to it. And then in 2019 (or 2020) you discover, if the stars want it, a therapy that makes it all go well.

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