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This is your horoscope for 2020.


You naturally have a special relationship with Saturn, your old wise friend and strict teacher. This year he is paying extra attention to you. That makes you feel strong and you have enormous perseverance, but getting out with Saturn is never easy. You have to prove your worth in several ways and that takes a lot of time and energy. You can get a bit stressed out of everything you “need” from yourself. Like the juggler who has to keep those twenty signs in the air. That is why you are well advised to ensure sufficient relaxation. Do not continue until you drop, but from time to time lie comfortably on the couch, or go for a walk in the forest, nothing at all.

Also important is: attention to your emotional well-being. Just let your feelings be there. Do not attempt to transform or push them away. They are what they are, not good, not bad. See them as the necessary vent of your system that is under high pressure.

In love you are sometimes unreachable for your partner. He wants contact so badly but you may find it hard to make room for him. You already have so much on your mind … You can probably count on his understanding, but don’t take it too much for granted. He is also not a saint. In 2020 you do want to enjoy the harvest of all that struggling with him.

If you are single, then you better postpone the search for the true one year. It is difficult to explain to a new love that you will not have time for a date in two weeks. Moreover, the man or woman who is satisfied with it is not the kind of man you want to continue with. So save your energy for a better moment.

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