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This is your horoscope for 2019.


As a Waterman you have a powerful and stable core under all your eccentric habits. You can fall back on that in the coming years, because with the move from Uranus to Taurus, other qualities are required of you. Where until last year the emphasis was mainly on initiative, action and entrepreneurial spirit, in 2019 it will mainly be about finding inner peace.

In conflicts you often opt for a peaceful approach. Strangely enough, that does not always immediately deliver what you hope for, but it will make you a “better person”. Your moral compass also has a stronger influence. It is becoming increasingly important to you that the decisions you make are pure and genuine. Not that you were so unfair in the past, but you were not awake because of a white lie and that will change in the coming years. You often dare “I’m sorry”.

One person is particularly happy with that: your regular partner, who sometimes feels that there is only one way, yours. You can imagine that this has a positive effect on your relationship, that there is more equality and that he or she has more respect for you, now that you admit that you sometimes see it wrong. That “human” only makes you more fun.

For the single Aquarius it is heading in many directions. Of course you sometimes long for a warm arm around you, but you also have a great time with your friends. You won’t be lonely in 2019, because there is always a nice man or woman willing to keep you company. Perhaps there is even one that has found the secret map of your heart. The relationship remains pleasant and relaxed anyway, thanks to the sensual and calm energy.

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