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This is your horoscope for 2019.


The rebellious planet Uranus made its entry in the summer of 2018 under the sign of Taurus. And you may have noticed that a lot has changed in your life since then. That you are less patient than normal and that you embrace changes faster than usual for the steadfast Taurus.

A permanent feeling of unrest can make you make drastic decisions from one moment to the next. But beware, if a new project requires a lot of dedication from you, there is a good chance that you will regret it. Make sure there is enough space and freedom in your work, especially when it comes to long-term contracts or projects.

Yet you can be confident that most decisions turn out to be positive for you. Uranus strengthens your feeling for the future so that you can trust your inner compass, which will guide you flawlessly along the rocks of the rivers of life.

Your environment can be a little surprised or even worried if you do things that are so different from normal. Especially your partner, who experiences you day in day out, can occasionally be completely surprised by your adventurous attitude. You may notice that you tend to challenge him or her, to test them. See where the boundaries are and then hop over them.

If your partner is wise he or she will happily let you frolic and he will be happy to wait when you get home. But if he is somewhat dependent or jealous, it can be difficult to meet his expectations. You can even get to the point that you (temporarily) break up or end up in a blinking light relationship due to renewed lust.

If you are single, then you probably have many friends, but whether your future love is in between? Perhaps. Only it takes effort to give your heart to one man or woman. You would rather have ten best friends with potential than one spouse with whom you walk hand in hand.

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