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This is your horoscope for 2019.


Emotionally, it is time for a break in 2019. The focus is less on feeling and feelings. But that does not mean that you are standing still. On the contrary, because you are more in the ‘do’ mode. Faster switching, more action, less navel gazing.

That might be a little awkward because you always need time to get used to, to feel at home, to process emotions. But you will see that you are doing very well this year, that there is a kind of learning by doing that gives you more and more pleasure in things such as odd jobs, sports, work, tackling, cleaning up junk.

Your house in particular is in need of a large clean-up campaign according to the rules of the art of Marie Kondo. In addition, you come across things from your past, but thanks to the do-mode you do not dwell on it endlessly. You do away with things that you no longer need or give them a new life.

In love you have to deal with high expectations and claims from the other. He really needs you and shows that in a way that is not always pleasant. His need can clash with your desire to tackle and continue. As a result, you can even start doubting your feelings for him.

Don’t get confused by that. In every relationship there are moments when “the feeling” is gone. Then you go and play outside and when you come back, you feel like seeing each other again and talking to each other. An afternoon for yourself can be enough to get excited about him or her again. Such a “cool” period is the work of Saturn, which is in Capricorn. Yet there is also the promise that it will be better if you continue and continue to approach your partner positively. Maybe there will even come a time when love is stronger than ever.

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