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What kind of bad types you attract of your zodiac sign?

They are everywhere and smarter than ever: fuck boys. Wrong types that get us time and time again that we fall for it. To prepare you a bit for this, we have prepared a list of the wrong types that you should be especially careful about. You owe the ‘kind’ type entirely to your zodiac sign.

December 22 to January 19

Oh boy. Good luck with NOT falling for the fuckboys that you attract. They are fascinatingly charming, can empathize with something and always look good. They like to spend a lot of money on that because they are not averse to attention and admiration. Secretly these men are a bit insecure, but before you get too much pity for them: they will therefore trade you in without mercy if a ‘better’ one comes along.

January 20 to February 18

The men you attract are cheerful, optimistic and super fun to deal with. A bit of a shame is that he collapses everywhere without thinking and is very reckless. If it subsequently emerges that he ‘accidentally’ has contact with other girls or suddenly realizes that you really like him, you suddenly see how irresponsible he really is. Fuckboy alert!

February 19 to March 20

At first, the fuck boy that you find so interesting seems like a real catch. He is male, he is intense and wildly attractive. But it soon becomes clear that you attract very, very difficult types. Types that are good at manipulating, so you always have to ask yourself what their true intentions are. Ugh. Could this have ended once?

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