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Love test

what type of dating are you?

The love test below tells you exactly what type of dating you are, so take advantage of it.

Are you ready for a love test? Slow dating app Once compiled the following quiz. Are you more a people pleaser or can you safely call yourself dominant? Do you mainly stress in advance about what your date thinks about you instead of the other way around? Answer the questions to find out what type of dating you are.

1. what type of dating are you?

Yes. You have a match via a dating app. Who sends the first message?
A. You, you want to know immediately if it is something or not and you don’t want to wait.
B. That varies each time. Just depends on your mood. And how nice someone is!
C. Usually the first message comes from the other. Then at least you know that someone actually likes you.

2.You get into a conversation and want to plan a first date. But now he / she proposes something to do where you don’t feel like. What are you doing?
A. Convince him / her to follow your plan.
B. Let him / her know what your preference would be and hear if he or she is interested.
C. Follow him / her and go along with the idea. You don’t feel like a hassle.

3.First date? So you don’t have to worry about these thingsThen the following dilemma follows: what do you wear ?
A. What you feel like at the time.
B. Casual clothing that fits comfortably.
C. Something that you think will impress him/ her.

4.You have agreed to have a drink somewhere. On the first date:
A. If I often arrive last, then I can sit down like that.
B. Am I right there at the agreed time.
C. I like to be there before my date. That way I don’t have to look for him / her in space.

5.You are now both sitting at the table, enjoying a drink. During the date you think of:
A. Whether someone is good enough for me.
B. Making sure I have a good time.
C. What he / she thinks about me.

6.During the conversations on the date:
A. I like to tell a lot about myself, so at least someone knows what kind of meat he / she has in the tub.
B. It’s all about getting to know each other better.
C. I ask many questions. I want to know everything about him / her!

7.You have had a successful date, time to plan a second date! What are you doing?
A. You let us know when you are available for a second date in the coming weeks and await the response.
B. You consult until you arrive at a date that suits you both.
C. You wait until the other person comes up with a proposal.

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