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Who is not suitable to marry?

 Virgo: Too Obedience                        

   Expect for the obedience to parents, the Virgo is the best man to marry. Have you ever experienced the Virgo’s obedience to their parents? If you not, I’ll tell you how it’s unreasonable. For example, if their parents think you are wrong, your Virgo will not help you but blame you, because they thought parents represent authority. So don’t believe their oath because they are too capriciousness.

Sagittarius: Too much emotion

With a sentimental personality, the Sagittarius is easy to be moved. What’s worse, they are easy to be tempted by others. So it’s bad for them to like this.

Libra: Too selfish

To tell the truth, the Libra doesn’t like anyone except themselves. Maybe they are good for you, but you can’t move him/her in the principle. When you want to change them, there is no way, and there are two choices for you, breaking up or no changing.

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