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Why your disguise doesn’t come to an intimate relationship?

There are people who so blindly devote themselves to their partners that such dedication borders on sacrifice. Organizing his academic conferences and assisting him in editing his curriculum vitae. Everything went “fine” between them until she became pregnant.

Are people so naive? Does it make sense to sacrifice yourself so absolutely? Does love keep you blind and dizzy? Do people not understand that intimate relationships are supposed to be mutual, to give and to take, and that if this is not the case, the relationship will eventually end? Do people not understand that investing in themselves in a relationship (and not only in their partner) means investing in the relationship at the same time?
What drives people to be 100% for their partner?

What drives people to love so much ? To behave as if they are completely “empathetic” towards their partner?
I say “as if” because this is a real empathy or an authentic one. What they try to do with their “empathy” convinces their partner that they are 100% there – so that their partner loves them, appreciates their empathy, thinks about it.

In a sense, showing so much “empathy” is a manipulation: you have not walked that way because you are indeed so empathetic; you’ll have that way to get something “back.”

What drives you to be that way are your own personal problems and needs that you control and make you create in ways that you think will bring you whatever love, attention, appreciation, and acceptance you are trying to receive. Realizing that this behavior has helped you achieve that in the past, you continue to use them time and time again and you manipulate others time and time again.

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